Brand & Product

Sl NoName of ItemPack Size
1Crown Super Bike SPX5 SAE 20W50 API SL ( PDF )12x1 L
2Crown Super Bike SPX5 SAE 20W40 API SL ( PDF )12x1 L
3Crown Super Bike SPX5 SAE 20W50 API SL( PDF )12x1 L
4Crown Turbomax HDX8 SAE 20W50 API CI4 ( Crown PDS )6x5L
5Crown Hydralic Oil AW 68208L
6Crown Hydralic Oil HP AW 100208L
7Crown Compressor Oil ISO 6820L
8Crown Compressor Oil ISO 10020L
9Crown Compressor Oil ISO 100208L
10Crown Therm Oil 32208L


Keystone Consortium LTD. is the sole distributor of Crown brand Diesel Engine Oils, Four & Two Stroke Engine Oils, Gear Oils & Transmission Fluids, Industrial Oils, and Greases etc.Crown brand lubricant are approved and recommended by hundreds of machinery manufacturers and other OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers. BRAND: Crown lubricant.

have been so well regarded that they have become synonymous with ‘quality lubricants’. In other words, think of quality, think of ‘Crown’. Our lubricants are internationally recognized and trusted for meeting or exceeding most demanding lubricants industry standards for outstanding quality and performance. Crown lubricants are designed to keep the equipment moving so that users operate with optimum efficiency and peace of mind.